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Taiga Mistral is a Private Equity management company with a capital of more than € 250 million invests in European renewable energy markets. The company specialises in investments related to wind power. It is managed by Taiga Mistral, founded in 2007, a private equity fund whose investors include Banco Santander, Caja Navarra, Caja Avila and individual investors. Taiga Mistral looking for investment opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector.

Taiga Mistral’s investment strategy is to capture the opportunity to create the identified values in the wind energy sector in Poland over the next few years, minimising risk using a diversified and coordinated investment programme.

The fund invests in Polish companies that own wind farms.

In 2008, Taiga Mistral became a partner of Nowa Energia SA . Currently, Nowa Energia SA, based on a ” Develop -and -sell ” structure, implements wind farm projects for Taiga Mistral with a total installed capacity of 86MW.

Currently, Taiga Mistral has projects in Poland, Spain and other EU countries.

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Norvento Polska Sp. z o.o.


Norvento Poland company is wholly-owned by the Spanish company Norvento Enerxia, which is an energy company with over 25 years of experience in renewable energy production. This experience has enabled Norvento to become a leader of the energy sector in Galicia, the region where the company originates from.

Today in the global market, Norvento manages to generate units with a total capacity of 987MW, using energy generated from wind, water, geothermal, solar and biomass.

When entering the Polish market in 2010 Norvento became a partner of Nowa Energia SA, acquiring and based on the structure of the “Develop-and-sell” wind farm project with a total installed capacity of 48MW.

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AES Wind Generation

AES Wind Generation is a subsidiary of the American energy sector giant AES Corporation (Applied Energy Services ), headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

The company generated revenues of USD 14 billion in 2009, and currently owns and manages USD 40 billion in assets.

AES Corporation produces and distributes electricity in 29 countries and employs worldwide more than 27ooo people worldwide.

In 2005, the board of AES Corporation made ​​a strategic decision to engage the company in the wind energy sector. Seawest (600MW), a wind farm developer and the operator was selected for this purpose.

Leveraging 25 years of experience, Seawest and AES quickly stepped between the largest companies in the wind energy sector.

At the end of 2005,  AES Wind Generation formed a company focused on the development and construction of wind farms in Europe.

AES currently has 1,700 MW of operational wind farms and over 7,000 MW of wind farms projects in various stages of development.

Recent launches include AES Wind Generation’s 156 MW Kavarna wind farm in Bulgaria​​, which is the largest in the country. AES Wind Generation collaborates extensively with a number of major companies in the renewable energy industry, including GE, Siemens, Vestas and Enercon. It also has good relations with major financial institutions, including BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Dexia Crédit Local, EBRD, Fortis Bank, International Finance Corporation, UniCredit, WestLB and Barclays.

AES Wind Generation by becoming the major shareholder of 3E Liniewo (Liniewo 34MW) and other companies belonging to the Nowa Energia SA (in total 8 companies representing design projects with an installed capacity of 422MW) has indicated its entry into the Polish renewable energy market, which has one of the highest growth potentials in Europe.

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