Our Mission

By implementing  wind energy projects, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and give a better  future to a clean, unpolluted environment. We produce clean energy – NEW ENERGY.


Nowa Energia S.A.

A team of competent professionals

with high efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the organisation and project management, with an understanding of and active participation in meeting the needs of local communities, a team unafraid of new challenges


As evidence of trust, both investment funds and global energy groups, have established cooperation with us and entrusted the implementation of their investments.

High standards

for farm planning to ensure the full safety of people living in the vicinity of the power plant

Modern technologies

used in the planning and construction of wind farms

High quality

 and comprehensiveness of services provided

Large and advanced portfolio

of development projects


Nowa Energia S.A.


Nowa Energia S.A.

Tomasz Drzazgowski

Tomasz Drzazgowski

President of the Board