2003 - 2005

In 2003-2005 we built one of the first wind farms in Pomerania region at the Slupsk Department of Energy. Our first wind park consists of 7 wind turbines with a total capacity of 1.1 MW. During this project we have gained the necessary experience and have developed our own unique know -how, so that our actions are effective, thoughtful and end successfully.


Up to 2007, Nowa Energia continued the development process, in the same year first Enercon E-82 2 MW turbines were installed at Darżyno wind farm. It was the first model of this manufacturer installed in Poland. The farm is in posses of one of the major utility in Poland – Enea.


In 2008, Nowa Energia launched cooperation with a Spanish investment funds:


The goal was to supply capital to project companies and to attract an industry partner for cooperation. The fund purchased a total of 6 wind farm projects rated at a total of 38MW, with a contract value of 42 MLN EUR.


In 2009, Nowa Energia signed an investment agreement with TAIGA and SANTANDER for implementation of another 47.5 MW wind farm project, contract value 52 MLN EUR.


In 2010, we signed a contract with NORVENTO, a Spanish renewable energy investment fund for development of a 48 MW wind farm, value of the contract 64 MLN EUR.

In the same year we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AES on development of eight wind farm projects with a total power rating of 422 MW, where Nowa Energia remain an owner of a 10% stake. The contract value exceeded 550 MLN USD.


Obtaining building permits for 5 wind farms and projects in the course of the development in the number of approx. 50.


Obtaining permits for the construction of 6 wind farms and signing of a new develope & sell contract.


Obtaining building permits for projects with an installed capacity of 70 MW, and also completion of construction and commissioning of the wind farm Subkowy 8MW for TAIGA.


We have started the construction of our first Brodnica 4 MW wind farm consisting of two Vestas V80 turbines.


The construction of our second wind farm, Więcbork 4 MW, has started. This project is also based on two Vestas V80 turbines.


We have started the construction of a third own wind farm Jabłonowo with a capacity of 3 MW. The farm consists of two Nordex / Sudwind S70 turbines.

This year, we have obtained the operability of all our farrms.


A year of expansion – we established a branch in Australia. Our team immediately started the development of wind projects in this region of the world

For more information, visit us at www.nowaenergiasa.com.au


Nowa Energia continues its success story by selling a 26.6 MW wind farm project to a large German entity from the engineering and energy industries.


The company sold another project, this time it is a 6 MW wind farm.


2020 began with promising negotiations with a large Polish entity on the renewable energy market regarding the sale of a 34 MW wind farm project.